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Between a Rock and a Hard Place / 左右為難,進退維谷

Between a Rock and a Hard Place / 左右為難,進退維谷 is a research and advocacy project investigating the illegal fees charged to Filipino migrant domestic workers by employment agencies in both the Philippines and Hong Kong. It documents the workers’ human and labour rights abuses, including trafficking and forced labour.

Rights Exposure was commissioned by the Hong Kong Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Union (FADWU) and Progressive Labor Union of Domestic Workers in Hong Kong (PLU) to act as consultants on the one-year project, providing support in project management, research, media engagement, and audio-visual production.

A team of PLU members conducted the research over a nine-month period. Rights Exposure provided training and mentoring support to the PLU researchers throughout this period and drafted the final report.

A covert recording team consisting of two PLU members and staff from Rights Exposure was also formed to gather evidence of the illegal practices by employment agencies in Hong Kong. Rights Exposure produced a short documentary film to present the complex nature of the exploitation to a wide public audience.

The participatory methodology used in this project commits to the agency of migrant domestic workers in identifying and prioritising the human and labour rights abuses they face and finding sustainable solutions themselves. It also aims to enhanceand strengthen the ability of migrant workers and their organisations to represent the needs of their community through first hand information, knowledge and experience.

The full research report is available online (English & Chinese).

All images, film and report are licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial no Derivative 4.0 International.

Project Client: Hong Kong Federation of Asian Domestic Workers Union (FADWU) / Progressive Labor Union of Domestic Workers in Hong Kong (PLU).

Project Sponsors: HER Fund / Oxfam Hong Kong.

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